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Chaya Czernowin (Compositora) 

Chaya Czernowin tells that there are a few characteristics which define her best and that they are contrasting. She wonders if art is a trade to conclude that "poets and composers are on the very fringe of any commercial enterprise". She thinks that a composer has to have "innovation, a need to have an existence focused on one´s ears, ears which can feel, speak and think and articulate, and an unbreakable and unshakable need to be composing". 

But when you speak to her, the first thing that strikes you is that Chaya is very nice and pretty and that she has a wonderful sense of humor. 

Composition for her in this day and age "is one of the foundations and a wall of her mental home". Maybe she could have been a psychologist or perhaps she woud like to be lost in a most beautiful exotic island with her family.  Chaya tells us that "she is lucky to have so much to lose".

She laughs with Gilligan´s Island, she cries with The Sound of Music and she likes "Gesualdo, Monteverdi, late Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert, the strange part of Liszt. All composers who were rebels, so not masters of Mastery but rather revolutionaries. So Debussy rather then Ravel and Gesualdo and Monteverdi rather then Palestrina, Late Beethoven rather than middle or first periods Beethoven and so on".

What inspires her as a composer? “Nature. Once I was sitting near a huge lake when the ice was breaking. Unrepeatable music.” She is a happy person, an individualist who defines silence as “Music too soft to hear” . She is also a poet and a wonderful composer, particular to this time. 


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