Samuel Adler (Composer) 

Adler´s is a life dedicated to music. He is Professor emeritus at the prestigious Juilliard, one of the many musical institutions of excellence where he has taught. Samuel Adler is one of those people who have dedicated their lives to composition with emphasis on pedagogy and creating school. Not for nothing he was a pupil of Aaron Copland, Paul Hindemith, Walter Piston and Randall Thompson. 

He is a man that defines composition as a love story rather than a trade. Full of energy, he tells us that for him a composer must have technique and love for humanity. He also tells us that his musical roots come from the classics authors and principles in which he was trained musically and which influence him still. 

He is a simple man whose inspiration for composing comes from performers themselves. And says: "I need to hear and that, their sound particularly inspires me." For Samuel Adler, composition is what it has always been: "the desire on the part of the composer to communicate with the public.” He points out how important it is not to lose heart and work hard. 

Passionate about history and scientific progress, Samuel is a strong advocate of the value of music education in the training of human beings. He is happy when he hears a piece of music that makes him feel “that life is worth living”
Samuel Adler is an optimist hopeful that the world has been able to learn from past mistakes.

At the age of 85 years he continues to work on a piano concerto, a piece for flute and piano and a string quartet with the same energy and enthusiasm as always.

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