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Daron Hagen (Compositor) 

Inspiration, ideas and a developed sense for the practical are part of everyday life for Daron Hagen. Hagen is a composer whose mastery of craft has allowed his talent to be expressed fluently. His virtues are the same as his defects: resilience, drive, an eye for detail, the ability to work obsessively, a hunger for creative freedom and, of course, talent. 

Like any other composer, he enjoys finishing and showing his works.
He is a man of few words. When I ask him what composition is for him in this day and age, he answers “The manipulation of sound. Simple as that.” 

Although he says that he cannot seriously imagine being anything but a composer at this point in his life, he is also a stage director, a pianist, a conductor and a writer of prose. But for him all of these are extensions of composing. 

He offers us a very interesting definition of “contemporary”: “All music is contemporary inasmuch as it is alive, if it moves the listener. If it does not move the listener, it is dead, and therefore not contemporary.” 

Sincere, reserved, a fan of pasta and a family man, one of his hopes is to live long enough to see his children grow up. On music, he is very clear: 

“Become Music. It will not fail you. Music is Love.” 


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