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Howard Moody (Compositor) 

Howard Moody habla acerca de su ópera Sindbad


Taking advantage of his lastest stay in Brussels and the premiere of his opera "Sindbad" at La Monnaie last February, we spoke to composer Howard Moody in an informal setting. We have made an edited transcription of this informal conversation and we hope you find interesting what Howard has to say.

“they asked me to write another piece following the success of the Brussels Requiem project. They wanted a piece to be sung by four groups of children from six schools who had never sung before, two trained, youth choirs (La Maitrise and La Choraline), two soloists and an orchestra. And they gave me one word: they just said “Sindbad””

"There´s one thing that´s really significant about La Monnaie: you walk through the door and you know that the management team genuinely understands and supports the idea behind big projects like Sindbad that involve “the people”. It´s not an inconvenience. It´s not something that they think they should do but hope will go away quickly. And for me that´s the visionary thing."

El hombre tranquilo


Ruth Prieto, para El Compositor Habla, entrevista al compositor Howard Moody, Bruselas, Junio de 2010

El hombre tranquilo

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