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Daron Hagen (Compositor) 

Catálogo de obras de Daron Hagen


Shining Brow opera in two acts & a prologue (1991) 

Vera of Las Vegas nightmare cabaret opera in one act (1997) 

Bandanna opera in two acts & a prologue (1998)

The Antient Concert dramatic recital in one act (2005)

New York Stories three one act operas (2008) 

Amelia two act opera in six scenes (2009)

Little Nemo in Slumberland magic opera in two acts (2011)


Andersonville Overture (1982) 

Symphony No. 1 (1985) 

Grand Line: a Tribute to Leonard Bernstein (1986) 

Heliotrope (1990) 

Symphony No. 2 (1990) 

Philharmonia (1991) 

Fire Music (1992) 

Built Up Dark tone poem for strings, winds and brass (1996) 

Postcards from America suite for orchestra (1997) 

Symphony No. 3 (1998) 

Suddenly (2000) 

Much Ado overture (2000) 

Advance (2001) 

Susurrus haiku for orchestra (2003)

Symphony No. 4 (2008)

Northern Lights (2009)

Con Gai: a greeting and a farewell (2010)

Sky Interludes from Amelia (2012)


Concerto for horn, with winds and strings (1994) 

Concerto for flügelhorn and wind (or string) ensemble (1994) 

Concerto for cello and orchestra (1996) 

Concerto for oboe and string orchestra (2001) 

Seven Last Words for piano LH and orchestra (2002) 

Romeo and Juliet for flute, cello and orchestra (2004) 

Orpheus and Eurydice for piano trio and orchestra (2006) 

Masquerade for violin, cello and orchestra (2007)

Genji for koto and orchestra (2010)

Songbook for violin, string orchestra, harp and percussion (2011)

Orchestra & Voice(s)

Taliesin: Choruses for chorus and orchestra (1996)

Stewards of Your Bounty chorale prelude (1996)

Symphony No. 4 (2008)

String Orchestra

Prayer for Peace (1981) 

Angels (2001) 

Songs & Song Cycles

Echo´s Songs cycle (1982) 

Three Silent Things cycle for soprano & piano quartet (1984) 

Love Songs cycle (1986) 

Rapture and Regret dyptich for soprano, cello and piano (1987) 

Muldoon Songs cycle (1990) 

Dear Youth cycle for soprano, flute and piano (1991) 

Lost in Translation cycle for voice, oboe, cello and hpschd (1993) 

The Waking Father cycle for 6 male voices a cappella (1995) 

Merrill Songs cycle (1996)

Songs of Madness and Sorrow dramatic cantata (1997)

The Heart of the Stranger cycle (2000) 

Love in a Life cycle (2000) 

Phantoms of Myself cycle (2000) 

Figments cycle (2001) 

Larkin Songs cycle (2001) 

Letting Go cycle (2003) 

String Quartet No. 2 for baritone and string quartet (2003)

Sappho Songs for two female voices and cello (2004)

Flight Music cycle for treble chorus & string quartet (2005)
Songs of Experience cycle (2007)

We Happy Few for male voice and piano (2010)

After Words cycle for 2 voices & piano (2011) 

Chamber Works

Wind Songs for oboe, bassoon, and horn (1982) 

Divertimento for viola, harp, and vibraphone (1984) 

Piano Trio No. 1: Trio Concertante: (1984) 

String Quartet No. 1 (1985) 

Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano (1985) 

Piano Trio No. 2: J´entends: (1986) 

The Presence Absence Makes for flute and string quartet (1988) 

Harp Trio (1989) 

Jot! for clarinet, marimba, and piano (1989) 

Everything Must Go! for brass quintet (1993) 

Music from Shining Brow for brass quintet (1994) 

Concerto for Brass Quintet (1995) 

An Overture to Vera for 14 instruments (1996) 

Duo for Violin and Cello (1997) 

Forward! for brass and percussion (1999) 

Serenade for 10 instruments (2000) 

Oboe Quintet for oboe and strings (2001) 

Nocturne for piano and strings (2001) 

Snapshot No. 1 for string quartet (2002) 

Chamber Symphony for 13 instruments (2003) 

Sonata No. 2 for flute and piano (2003) 

Piano Trio No. 3: Wayfaring Stranger (2006) 

Snapshot No. 2 for string quartet (2006) 

Piano Trio No. 4: Angel Band (2007) 

Agincourt Fanfare for brass and timpani (2007) 

Book of Days for clarinet, viola, and piano (2010)

Tryst for oboe, bassoon, and piano (2012)

Solo Works

Suite for Solo Violin (1984) 

Occasional Notes for organ (1985) 

Suite for Solo Cello (1985) 

Suite for Solo Viola (1986) 

Higher, Louder, Faster! for solo cello (1987) 

Qualities of Light for piano (1999) 

Piano Variations (2002)

Suite for Piano (2009)

Secrets My Mother Told Me for koto (2012)

Choral Works

A Walt Whitman Requiem for chorus & string orchestra (1984)

Vägen SATB / pf (1985) 

The Voice Within SATB / pf(1985) 

Little Prayers SATB (1989) 

The Waking Father cycle for 6 male voices a cappella (1995)

Light Fantastic cantata (2000)

Litany of Reconciliation SATB (1996) 

Gandhi´s Children SS / hand bells (1997) 

Hope SATB & any three single line instruments (1997) 

Silent Night 8 movements for SATB, cello & percussion (1998) 

We´re All Here SATB & chamber ensemble (2002) 

I Had Rather SATB (2004) 

Vertue SATB / pf (2005) 

Flight Music cycle for treble chorus & string quartet (2005) 

O, For Such a Dream for mixed chorus, and piano (2006)

Three Celtic Songs SSA (2009)

Song of Gabriel for mixed chorus and string orchestra (2010)

Wind Ensemble / Band

Sennets, Cortege, and Tuckets (1990) 

Concerto for Flügelhorn and Wind Ensemble (1994) 

Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra (1998) 

Night, Again (1998) 

Bandanna Overture (1999) 

Wedding Dances from Bandanna (2000)

Wind Ensemble / Band & Voice(s)

Prelude and Prayer from Bandanna (2000)

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