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Elena Rykova (Compositora) 



A Cow in the Backyard / Collaboration with María Korol [12’30’’] – for ensemble, fixed media and animation, commissioned by ensemble Mosaik

Asymptotic Freedom (I) [12 min] – for 6 prepared e-guitars, commissioned by Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik and the electronic studio La Muse en circuit


Leaves in Marble [approx. 17 min] – for 5 performers, 2 assistants, fixed media and amplification, commissioned by Curious Chamber Players

Study in Yellow and Violet / Collaboration with María Korol [15 min] – for flute, viola, video and fixed media, commissioned by ensemble Mosaik

Silenced [18 - 20 min] – a trio for two timpani, an assistant and electronics, written for ensemble NEOPERCUSIÓN

A Tight Grip [6’ 30’’] – for marimba and a tape, written for Juanjo Guillem


A message from a world in which we are absent [7 min] – a musical performance for a contrabass, percussion, a sound engineer and fixed media, commissioned by Schallfeld ensemble

Zigzag to Callisto [5 min] – a study for e-guitar (Stratocaster), written for Yaron Deutsch’ guitar workshop in Darmstadt

Sí Hay MONSTER / Collaboration with Julio Zúñiga [approx. 30 min] – a happening / installation / musical performance for 7 performers with instruments, objects, masks, amplification and tape, created for ensemble No Hay Banda with Felix del Tredici as a soloist


Thousand Splinters of a Human Eye [approx. 12 min] – a music theatre piece for 5 reed players and 5 singers (oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone; soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone, bass), a bicycle and lights, commissioned by Calefax reed quintet

Cositas Diminutas [approx. 25 min] – a solo inside-piano piece, objects and amplification, written for Ricardo Descalzo

Subito Dodo [7 min] – for 5 players, a prepared table, objects, percussion and amplification, commissioned by Ensemble Lunaire


Cryptic Thingness [10 min] – stereo electroacoustic piece (with a possibility of a multichannel diffusion), written for Hydra system of 40 speakers at Harvard University

Life expectancy. Experience #2. Your Moon. [between 12 - 20 min] – a trio for prepared instruments: cello, snare drum, acoustic guitar and a guitar amplifier, written for ensemble hand werk

You exist and I am an illusion [approx. 10 min] – a duo for prepared snare drum, prepared cello and amplification, written for UmeDuo


Life expectancy. Experience #1. The Sun. [approx. 12 min] – for seven astro-performers in masks, written for ensembles MCME and UMS&JIP

Bat Jamming [approx. 10 min] – a duo for two performers inside piano, written for Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

101% mind uploading [approx. 10 min] – a trio for inside piano, objects and percussion, written for ensemble Nikel


a blink of the evanescent smile [approx. 6 min] – a trio for prepared instruments: violin, cello, acoustic guitar and amplification

Marionette [approx. 10 min] – for an amplified violin solo, written for Vladislav Pesin


Stop at the next cloud or I’ll turn into a scorpion [8 min] – for 5 players: clarinet B & timpano, cello, 2 home-swingers (instruments by Yuri Landman), objects and a folding screen

TypewritERyk [7 min] – a trio for flute, clarinet B and accordion, written for MCME

Quest# [open score, duration varies] – for 6 to 9 non-specified chromatic instruments, written for ensemble No Name

Alone against the wall [17 min] – for flute, clarinet, oboe, piano, percussion, violin, cello and objects, written for ensemble No Name

Purple Haze [6 min] – for solo accordion, written for Sergej Tchirkov


The Mirror of Galadriel [duration varies] – a musical performance for a ping-pong table, pine cones, two performers, live projection and amplification

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