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CCMD (Contemporary Classical Music Database) is a functional and elegant network for the international society introducing and revealing modern and contemporary classical music content including composers, acoustic and electroacoustic works, news, updates about the concert series of ensembles, season brochures of the concert venues, selected scores, various recordings, related videos, contemporary music festivals and interdisciplinary art events to which need to be maintained more attention. The database is sweetened/combined with some pictures of street art and inventive contemporary art, IDM and experimental jazz. Leading Innovative & Colorful Initiative Embracing European Contemporary Art Music Scene.

Cem Özçelik, born in Karadeniz Ereğli, Turkey in 1983. He received Master of Arts Degree in Music from İstanbul Technical University - MIAM (Center for Advanced Studies in Music) in 2012 where he studied composition with Michael Ellison, Adam Roberts, Reuben de Lautour, Pieter Snapper and Kamran İnce. He is attended group and individual meetings with Tim Hodgkinson, Matthias Spahlinger, Brian Ferneyhough, Pierluigi Billone, James Dillon, Wolfgang Rihm, Dai Fujikura, Martijn Padding, Wim Henderickx, Peter Adriaansz. He participated and had his music performed/read in several contemporary music festivals worldwide.

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Codalario, is an online magazine where you can read, analyze and comment on news, music and cultural events of interest under the supervision of Aurelio Martinez Seco. 

Aurelio Martinez Seco, is a musicologist. He founded and directed the magazine Paramo and developed his musical criticism in La Voz de Asturias. Scherzo's collaborator and founder and director of classical music magazine "Codalario".

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