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What is Perkustra?

Perkustra is a company that engages in a range of projects to do with:
  • the scenic arts
  • musical journalism
  • the creation, production and management of shows
  • cultural events
  • cultural management
  • the creation and development of educational and social projects
  • conferences, courses and workshops
  • urban music
  • the Perkustra Group

Perkustra is a brand encompassing a wide range of activities and projects in the field of the scenic arts, including educational initiatives, management, coordination and organization of cultural events and creation and production of shows. The artistic director of our scenic arts section is Guillermo Heras, but the driving force behind Perkustra is also a team of highly accomplished professionals in numerous disciplines, including musicians, actors, designers, jugglers, ballet dancers, translators, teaching specialists, technicians and photographers, under the overall direction and coordination of Ruth Prieto.

The purpose of our website is to publicize the activities of the PERKUSTRA brand
  • P for Percussion projects
  • E for Events
  • R for Rhythm and fun
  • K for musi-K
  • U for Urban music
  • S for Social projects
  • T for Theatrical projects
  • R for musical NewsRoom
  • A for scenic Arts

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