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The management of ComposerSpeaks, ECH, is the responsibility of Ruth Prieto, musical disseminator, lecturer, and journalist. Ruth is also a specialist in early musical education, arts management and musical dissemination.

She is currently director of the Perkustra Company, coordinator of the Composer Speaks website and a guest lecturer in cultural management at Alcalá de Henares University in Spain. Her profile combines the artistic with the creative and the educational.
She studied music at the Madrid Conservatoire, where she qualified as a piano teacher and as a specialist in the theory of music. She continued her musical and educational training in Geneva (Dalcroze Certificate of Musical Education), London (Accredited Suzuki Piano Teacher), Boston and Princeton (Specialist in Early Musical Education – Kindermusik Programme), Michigan (Programme in Education through Movement) and Granada (Masters Course in Didactic Concerts and Musical Education and Dissemination).

She also has a Masters Degree in Cultural Management from the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid and a European Diploma in Cultural Projects Management from the Marcel Hichter Foundation in Brussels.

She has worked as a teacher of music and lecturer at the Conservatories of Getafe and Madrid, Valladolid University and the University of Music of the Basque Country. Ruth has to her name a number of innovative projects in her field including the Música en familia, Musi-k and Menuda Música cycles produced in conjunction with, amongst others, the Spanish Performing Rights and Copyright Society, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Teatralia, Teatro Lara (Madrid), Kursaal (San Sebastián), Residence Place (Brussels) and the National Auditorium of Spain. Her latest work, Las 4 Baquetas, is in performance.

Ruth continues her work on musical education, and on projects of musical dissemination and arts management from Brussels, where she lives.