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About us

Composer Speaks is a meeting point for present-day creators, composers, stage directors, authors and artists. Composer Speaks is a project of musical journalism and dissemination of contemporary creation through web pages comprising:

  • News
  • Multimedia
  • Interviews
  • Artist gallery

Composer Speaks started life as a section of the Internet site of Perkustra, a theatre and music company directed by Guillermo Heras. We inaugurated it by interviewing composer Antón García Abril and we have continued in the interview vein ever since.

Our aim is to give composers and creators the chance to paint a brief, precise and human portrait of themselves by answering a series of short questions so that our young internauts aged 0 to 99 and from the 5 continents can get to know better what lies behind the personality.

Este trabajo tiene la licencia CC BY-NC-SA 4.0