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Benet  Casablancas (Composer) 

Benet Casablancas' beginning to String Quartet n°3

Benet Casablancas' beginning to I. Allegro Esultante (from Three New Epigrams for orchestra) OBC, dir. Salvador Mas

Benet Casablancas' begining to Alter Klang. ONE conductor Josep Pons

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All our thanks to composer Benet Casablancas for sharing with us and with all our surfers their music, which is essential for a better understanding and enjoyment of contemporary music.
We remind our internet, we do not hang in ECH entire works, but small fragments that have given us the composers themselves and their publishers, as a musical excerpt. It is important to respect the intellectual property of the authors, and with these examples we intend help its spread.

I thank to the team of the publishing Tritó his collaboration and kindness.

We also thank the performers, directors, publishers, labels and record companies to bet on the spread of music.

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